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Workshop Supply List  

We have tried to limit the amount of supplies you will need to bring with you.  The Flea Market trip in Athens should help in your quest for some assemblage bits and pieces. 

 What WE will provide:

  • GOLDEN Artist Acrylics Paint (all of our favorites plus some grecian inspired classic colors)
  • Tools
  • Assorted nuts, bolts, screws etc.
  • Small assortment of ephemera/collage material
  • Water containers, palettes and paper towels

Make sure you bring a larger suitcase and leave extra room for your art to come home with home.

What YOU will need to bring:

  • A box, but not just any box, we're looking for something like this....
  • Canvas boards 5"X7" (these come as a four-pack from Michaels)
  • A large lens (easy to take apart a large magnifying glass to get one of these)
  • Imagery to collage with.... faces, animals, decorative designs, symbols, flowers, text, wings, mythological beings, whatever strikes your fancy (remember our panels are about 5"X7" so keep scale in mind) Also don't bring everything you own, one file folder full of imagery should work just fine. ***NO inkjet prints please - laser print or photocopy. I’ll be sending you some links to some of my favorite online resources to find images if you’re stuck.
  • Paintbrushes - bring just a few in different sizes and a couple of good quality detail brushes.
  • GOLDEN Matte Medium – about 12 oz.
  • Scissors
  • E6000 adhesive
  • Aves Epoxy Clay, we recommend you order this early from https://www.avesstudio.com/apoxie/apoxie-clay, the 1 pound size should be plenty (if you think you’ll be doing a lot of sculpting you might want to bring 3 pounds).
  • We will be going shopping in Athens, but because there is no way of knowing exactly what you'll find it's a really good idea to bring a small box (like a cigar box) full of some of your favorite found object-y things.