Here a few notes I've received from students {blushing}

In all my years in the industry of collage, art materials and all my years of teaching and thinking I’ve seen it all...I happened across classes with Andrea Matus DeMeng at Art Is You in Connecticut. When my 3 days of instruction were over I came home with 3 magnificent, ready to hang, art pieces that were like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Andrea is brilliant. Her style, sense of color, soft non intimidating approachable way of teaching was incredible. Her samples were, likewise, incredible. I would take anything she teaches AND I’d even repeat what Ive already learned. This is one instructor you don’t want to ever miss out on.
— Suze Weinberg
I have taken 5 classes with Andrea. Just looking at her gorgeous work was enough to make me sign up. Then it turns out that Andrea is also a great teacher. She is kind, patient, sooooo generous with her techniques, impossibly gifted at helping pick just that right little piece that will turn your artwork around, and... not enough room here to tell all I love about Andrea. She’s clear, she does a lot of demoes, and gives you plenty of time to work on your own piece. One thing is for sure: you will leave the class with an amazing finished piece of art, different from anything you’ve ever done, and perfectly beautiful while being uniquely you.
— Socrates
Before Andrea’s class I had attempted to collage several times all with disastrous results. When I saw Andrea’s class come up I jumped at the chance to learn with her. I had six whole months to wait and was not disappointed. Andrea is very generous with her knowledge. She answered all our questions and even shared some of her collage secrets! Everyone went away that day with a unique piece of work. Personally, I feel my canvas is the most beautiful I have ever done and I know I owe it all to Andrea – she is an inspiration!
— Karen
My expectations of Andrea’s classes were high, since I’d heard so many positive comments from former students. She far exceeded all of them. In both “Illuminated Manuscripts” and “Marquis de Scroll”, Andrea persuaded out of me, creativity I had never even explored, through both her clear directions on technique and her gentle guiding throughout the process. She is still answering my questions. Andrea is an exceptional artist and teacher and an even more exceptional soul. I look forward to being her student again.
— Angela Kimble
Andrea is a kind, passionate and patient teacher. She offers examples of what is possible while encouraging you to create what needs to be created. There isn’t a whole lot of theory...just creativity. She demonstrates examples along the way and has materials available for those in need. I have taken 2 classes with Andrea and have made 2 very personal pieces. I look forward to taking more classes with Andrea and discovering what secrets lie ahead.
— Melanie Dines
I took two classes this year 2013 and one in 2012 at AIY Petaluma from Andrea Matus DeMeng. I was delighted that as a person that was used to creating with a needle and thread the transition to mixed medium has been exciting. I put together things with bits of paper instead of cloth and thread. In Andrea’s classes I have not only finished my project, but came away feeling happy with what I was able to do with her guidance. The class was paced to keep you on track and she gave us all the attention we needed. Her Art is stunning and it is a great thing that she is a good teacher too! Not everyone who is creative is able to teach and share the talent. Thanks Andrea.
— Jolene
I have taken a number of classes from Andrea and always found her instruction clear and friendly. Her class materials list and instruction sheets are blessedly accurate, too. She helps you bring out and express your creative ideas, sometimes even when you didn’t even know you were having them. I found myself making a 5’ long piece that i never imagined i could do and that class led me to a much higher level of knowledge and accomplishment than I had thought possible. If you are thinking about signing up for Andrea’s class for the first time, I believe you will love it. You will have a great time in Andrea’s classes whether this is your first time with collage pieces, or you are experienced in working with mixed media.
— Solange Bellefort
This summer I was presented the opportunity to attend two different workshops taught by Andrea Matus DeMeng. I would encourage anyone interested to seize the chance to enjoy one of her classes. First, the atmosphere she creates is one which welcomes all students, regardless of your skill level. She then leads and helps you understand both the elements and construction for the given piece. At the same time she is sharing each step in her process, she embraces and individually nurtures her student’s vision to stretch and create art which will be their own interpretation. There was music, and laughter and time to step away and return refreshed. At the end of class, we even had ‘show & tell’, and I was awed to see each person’s unique results. I loved what I made and I feel I’ve grown as an artist from working with Andrea. I would highly recommend the experience.
— Kris Estes
Being an assemblage artist that was looking to branch out into mixed media collage, I sought to create collage art that would incorporate my stash of found objects along with paint and ephemera. The subject matter of Andrea’s creations always appealed to me on an ethereal level and I waited patiently to the day when she began to teach in a workshop setting. When the day came (actually THREE days!) to be in Andrea’s classes, I walked away from the experience well prepared to take on a blank canvas! Andrea’s hands on approach, encouraging personality, and capability to take the uninitiated “portrait painter” to an enhanced level of self-confidence, has been a worthy investment! I truly appreciate that Andrea has made herself available to her students outside the classroom and I continue to utilize her techniques in my found object collages. I can’t wait to be a part of the “AMD Experience” again as soon as I can!
— Christina Anderson {Salvaged Remnants Studio}
If you are interested in learning layered techniques that produce magical results, then you must not hesitate in signing up for one of Andrea’s classes. I am very happy that she was one of my first ever workshop teachers and keep going back for more of her workshops to incorporate more magic into my own art. She is a gentle, guiding teacher that inspires every attendee to elevate his or her own level of work.
— Kathie Vezzani
I recently attended Andrea Matus Demeng’s class, “Veils of Psyche.” The experience radically shifted my view of artistic expression, tapping previously unknown creativity within me.
Andrea’s art is powerful, magnificent, compelling. She skillfully shares her passion and technique with students of all levels. She is energetic, focused, fun and truly encouraging. Andrea is an incredible teacher, helping students complete a complex artistic process in a few short hours.
— Debbi Estes, Portland, Oregon
Taking two full-day workshops recently, with Andrea Matus DeMeng, was the highlight of my year.

One of the first words I come up with thinking of Andreas’s teaching style is “classy”. I learned so much from the two classes I took with her. Her demos were clear and fun to watch. They prepared us to go back to our tables and create our own works of art which I was so happy with. One of the best teachers I have had in years.
I will definitely take Andrea’s classes again and again. Thank you
— Judy
I enjoyed both of the classes I took with Andrea very much. We learned not only great techniques, but the reasons why we used certain techniques at different times in the process. I think what I enjoyed the most was the way the class was organized- in both classes I came away with finished projects- a rarity for me- because Andrea would demonstrate, then we would go to work. We worked quickly and intuitively, and she kept reassuring us that there would be times when we would not be happy with our work, but to just keep moving forward. Then she would let us know when the time was almost up for a certain step in the process by playing a song- at the end of the song we would stop and watch a new demonstration. The way she ran the class was very efficient and effective. I felt like I was in very good hands- she is an excellent and patient instructor. She took time to go around to every student and offer help during the entire process. I was absolutely thrilled with my results- one of my pieces was rather big- bigger than anything I had ever worked on previously, and I wouldn’t have taken the leap without her encouragement. I would highly recommend a class with Andrea if you want to learn a lot and gain confidence in your work.
— Laura