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THE WORKSHOP: Eye of the Graeae (a Class of the Titans)

Michael deMeng and Andrea Matus deMeng are teaming up for another creative exploit across the Atlantic.  This time we set sail for the Isles of Greece for art-making, adventure, and inspiration.

The Project


If you're up on your Greek mythology or if you've ever seen the film Clash of the Titans, then you probably are familiar with the Graeae...if not by name, you'll certainly recognize them by description. They are three gray, strange and mystical sisters named Deino (dread), Enyo (horror) and Pemphredo (alarm) who share a singular eye and a singular tooth which they would take turns using.  They play a crucial role in defeating the snake-haired Medusa (their sister); the hero, Perseus, steals the sisters' eye, forcing them to reveal the secrets necessary to defeat the sinister gorgon.  Some legends have said that the eye sees the future...some say that it sees the secrets of the gods.  

With this strange trio in mind, Michael and Andrea have concocted a project fit for the gods. In this class students will create an ornate chamber with a large lens on the front which views secret scenes that are housed inside the mythical box.  The exterior will be created using the process of assemblage.  Michael will facilitate this portion of the workshop as students modify wooden boxes, magnifying glasses and a plethora of found objects into something fantastical.  Andrea's portion of the workshop will focus on the secret stories that are visible through the large eye on the exterior of the chamber.  Using a combination of collage and painting students will create scenes, images, and/or secrets that only that only soothsaying sisters might know.