Man Trouble!

Some of you may have noticed that a substantial portion of my work has a somewhat shall we say feminine bias to it.

Now that's all well and good, but when you are designing a tarot deck, sooner or later you have to address some of the powerful male figures. So there I was in the studio, and I was on a bit of a roll, you know those rare times when the planets seem to be in proper alignment with your muses and the work just flows....well, anyway it was during one of these times that I decided it would be wise to start in a large canvas with a male central figure....and then....well, that's when my man troubles began. My muses had changed their allegiance, they abandoned me for greener pastures, fickle creatures that they are...As an aside you may have also noticed the simply stunning work that has been coming out my darling husband's studio these days...I think we all know where the muses went....just look here if you don't believe me!!

I started in on a piece that I was determined to transform into the Knight of Wands tarot card....and here's what happened:

But in the immortal words of Shakespeare, "All's well that end's well". More about the symbolism and meaning of the Knight of Wands next time....