To find out about my current jewelry offerings please contact the Funeral Gallery in New Orleans. Each piece is handcrafted, using a combination of sculpting, paint, and found objects for truly one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Interested in commissioning a piece of jewelry? Please feel free to email me amatusart{at} with your inquiry, I look forward to working with you on your unique piece.


Momento Vivere

The first time I was on a plane by myself I was 10 years old. My mother (who is incidentally terrified of flying) decided that she needed someway to ensure my safety on this solo voyage, some way to make sure the plane didn’t crash — her biggest fear. She figured that if I wore something special from all of the people that loved me most, that these items would magically provide a protective shield of armour for me (and apparently everyone else on the flight). The next thing I knew I was wearing earrings from my grandmother, a pendant from my aunt, along side the one that hung on a necklace from my mother, a charm bracelet from my father and stepmom and a note from my little brother tucked into my pocket. While I thought this was rather ridiculous, I really didn’t mind too much at the time, after all I was bedazzled in beautiful jewelry. Fast forward about a decade as I began traveling extensively for my career; this is when things really got crazy. Each and every flight my mother insisted that I only fly with my assortment of protective charms. Her fears started to sneak into my psyche to the point where I too felt uneasy without my talismans in tow.

Several years later, when the jewelry that made a ten year old happy had seriously fallen out of fashion I was thinking about how precious each of those items had become to me over the years and wondering what the heck I was going to do with them now? I decided it was time for a new talisman, I dissected little bits from each of those precious items and buried them into the clay that I had formed into a heart. Now that I was reinventing these items I decided to pay homage to the Guardian Angel aspect they contained for me and so I included wings and added an Eye of Protection. The result was a brand new talisman that keeps my mother happy, but has also given me the satisfaction of knowing that I am taking a little bit of something special from my loved ones with me everywhere I go, a reminder to remember to live “Momento Vivere”.

Over the years, as an artist I have had the pleasure of hand making many more of these special Eye of Protection Pendants. Each one includes some special secret buried in the clay to keep the wearer safe. Commissioned pieces allow me the opportunity to include deeply personal momentos from the patrons life and always make the piece feel a little more sacred.