Card Number 21 - The World


A little bit about the World...

This piece represents the World as inspired by my love of Tarot Cards. The card numbered "21" is actually the 22nd card in the Major Arcana. Here you'll notice galaxy inspired imagery as part of her halo/headdress along with a sculpted component including the all important infinity symbol. The art, like the card, represents a state of peace and enlightenment. It is both the end of the journey and beginning of a new cycle...the alpha and the omega. Our world very literally incorporated through the spinning globe encased in the centre of her chest implying just how small our earthly matters are in the grand scheme of things. Each of the four suits of arcana are incorporated...the asian coins representing pentacles (money/earth), flowers representing wands (creativity/fire), wings and space representing swords (intellect/air), and lastly blue oceans to signify cups (love/water).