In Your Face Workshops - Mixed Media Faces Using Stencils!

I've had so many requests from students asking how I get all of the effects that I do with my face stencils (available at StencilGirl and in the workshops) that I decided to create a one class to go through all of the various techniques. 

Here's where you find the "In Your Face" Workshops:

Random Arts - Saluda, NC - May 21st

 Art is You - Minneapolis, MN - Sep 17-20

Art is You - Stamford, CT - Oct 7-12

Workshop Description:

"Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter." ~Oscar Wilde

In this fast-paced class we are going to explore a variety of different techniques for creating unique and expressive portraits using stencils. Combining collage, paints, inks, oil pastels and markers you’ll learn all of the subtle tricks you need to create portraits that capture the essence of everything from pop art to dimensional artworks. Truly inspired by many of todays street artists we’ll be creating our engaging portraits through the use of multiple layers of materials as well as layered stencil effects. We’ll be using a pad of mixed media paper for all of our experiments, the best of which will be ready to frame and hang on your wall.