Coming Soon

Even though the Art Abandonment book project isn't officially released we've seen some copies hitting stores and apparently pre-orders are on there way to being delivered. With close to 11,000 members of the Art Abandonment group on fb now I am continually awed, humbled and inspired by the tremendous art that is being left around the globe for others to find. Keep up the great work!!! 

...and in other news, well technically I'm not allowed to tell you just yet, but if you come back here on March 31st you'll see what else I've been very busy doing.  In the meantime - Happy Spring!!

See you back here soon.....very soon! 

Art Abandonment Project

Guess what? We just got to see the cover for our book the Art Abandonment Project....and it's now available for pre-order. Both Michael and I are so excited about the release of the book, so many people that still haven't heard about Art Abandonment and we just can't wait to spread the word! We're expecting the book to be available by the beginning of April! Woohoo!!