New Face Stencils!!!!

So excited to announce my new line of stencils with StencilGirl. I have loved seeing the incredible creations that people have come up with using my last series of stencil designs, and I can't wait to see what you all come up with next! Most of these designs came right out of my sketchbook and are heavily influenced by my love of both faces and street art. Here's a quick overview of what they look like: These are the 7 new designs for 6X6 stencils...(click on any of the designs to be taken to the product page)

....and one more 9"X12" design to add to the collection:


I'll start off by showing you a few examples of what I've done with these in my journals and my artwork and then link you to a tutorial I designed for these stencils as well as a few workshop links where you can find out ALL of my stencil secrets.