In the Service of Justice (Part 2)

I know I promised you that I would share the symbolism and meaning of each of the cards as I create them, so now that you've witnessed the journey of creating the piece, allow me to deconstruct it a little bit for you. 

Justice is one of those cards that actually, really does have quite a bit to do with the actual title of the card. As it comes up in a reading, it generally a reminder of the need to be genuinely fair. Relying on cool-headed logic rather emotion as the basis for decisions. It often refers to matters of legality, contracts, and the like - emphasizing that whether you like the result or not - it will be fair and just. 

Traditional rendering of the Justice Tarot Card

Of course we all have an idea of what Justice means; we live in a world where we come across that word and its implications all of the time…but what does Justice look like?

For me she is a woman, fierce and strong. She is blind, so as to represent impartiality. Where cool headed logic influences her decisions, and yet she sees.

The Justice Tarot Card: traditionally Justice is depicted as a woman, often seated, sword in right hand (logic), scales in the left (intuition). I wanted to portray Justice as very strong feminine figure, almost fierce. It takes tremendous courage and strength of character to be resolutely fair and unbiased.

Eyes Closed

It is said that Justice without blinders is not the eyes are covered to indicate the blinders, but more than that the eyes in this piece have many layers. The first layer is a second set of eyes raised above the first to indicate the need for "viewing" two sides of a story or multiple perspectives. Realizing that while we need Justice to be impartial, so do we need for her to be fully and completely informed. The veil over her eyes however indicates that the moment Justice sees…she will view things through her own personal set of biases.

Eyes Opened but still veiled

Close up of Headpiece

The number 11...symbolically a rather important position for the card. The previous cards deal primarily with the journey through the physical world...the next 10 cards deal primarily with the spiritual aspects along the journey to enlightenment. Justice transitions between the two realms. A balance between the two aspects.  Further emphasizing that balance are the two weights attached to the pulley that move and adjust to always maintain Justice. The chain salvaged from antique grandfather clock as a reminder that Justice must be timely. The weights derived from old weavers bobbins and then collaged with legal and religious texts indicative of the complex tapestry of justice and all of the systems that influence the decision making when weighing out the “right” and “wrong” of things. A lens in the 

centre of her chest glows with the script of Judicature and the responsibilities of a Judge. Guarded by metal grate to keep her decisions "pure".  I hope you've enjoyed this in-depth look into the heart of Justice.

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Justice - with working pulley