Second Skin and a Bracelet

Challenges are always fun especially when you get play with completely new items. For this challenge my friend and fellow Canadian Carmi sent Michael and I a terrific goody bag with: a brass cuff, leather cutting scissors and this cool fish leather called Second Skin.

Working with the Second Skin really was just like working with any other leather....I grabbed the teal coloured one and began experimenting. With a little piece I had left over the first thing I decided to try was heating up the Second know what happened?...The fish scale texture became exaggerated and raised and predictably the colour darkened a bit. I love the raised texture so I decided to do the same thing to the leather I had already glued onto the cuff. Next I added a little collage/assemblage winged heart that I had been working on but it still needed something more....something dangly. I pierced a small hole through the leather and the cuff where I attached some beads and figured and that point it was about as bedazzled as I wanted it, but not quite done....I added some paint glazes to a few sections of the second skin and's what I ended up with... I'm going to need some more since my daughter (the hand model) decided that this bracelet was going to be hers....! Check out John Bead's blog for more info on how to order.