Cleveland Rocks

Another week has just flown by but before we get to anything else, I have to tell you about Ginny's Small Studio.

The lovely Ginny Carter Smallenburg and I
Michael and I were just there last weekend teaching and I knew from the moment I walked in that I was going love this place. If it weren't for stringent baggage restrictions with airlines these days I think I would have ended up taking half of the store home with me...but of course we weren't there to shop, we were there to run workshops and I just have to show you what we got up to.....

Day One for me was the class entitled Atypical Aphrodites...I love working big and that's just what we did, every canvas panel you see here is at least 4 feet in length!

Here is are few pictures of our day...

Everyone hard at work and very happy to have the whole table to themselves
Cindy, Norma, Jill, Dusty, Janet, Stacey, Camille, Patricia, Judi, Robin, Kip, Pamela, Bette
 Thank you to Cindy Kovack for taking pictures for us!

Day Two was Collaging the Translucent, where the class builds sculptural works of art using a combination of transparent and opaque collage materials combined with found objects. These are really hard to photograph well, I wish I could show them all to you, alas, terrible reflections meant that many of the photos didn't turn out are a just a few samples of what was made in class....

Day Three - Dorian Gray Portraits. Inspired by Oscar Wilde's novel, in this class students were really asked to push their collages to include a whole lot of symbolism, and various hiding spots and nooks and crannies to conceal and reveal qualities of their chosen subject. It was absolutely wonderful to hear about everyone's journey through this process. Here's a peek of some of the results of our class.