Tied to the Untidy

No, no, no, I'm not at all referring to my recent "tying of the knot" to the notoriously untidy Michael deMeng, aka the "anti-Martha Stewart" (and yes, that's a good thing).....rather I'm talking about MY studio.....no, that's not my studio....that photo is the studio of the equally messy Francis Bacon (I'm not really much of a Scotch drinker myself). Right now Michael is filming a segment for his Crusted, Crumbled and Cracked online workshop...and so we've been having interesting conversations about how many ways you can "rust" plastic....but I digress....

We're still in January and it's already been a busy year....but now with birthdays, holidays, and weddings off the to do list it's time to get back to work. I've been busy creating in the studio (to say it is very untidy right about now would be more than a bit of an understatement) and I'm excited to announce that this will be a hoppin' year of travelling and teaching: here's what's coming up for 2012...

It's a pleasure to be teaching in my own neck of the woods, right here in beautiful British Columbia and first up on the schedule is.....
February 11-12:  Upstart Crow in Delta, BC registration is taking place right now! We'll be spending the weekend collaging like crazy with two separate classes: Veils of Psyche, and Iconic Allegory.

March 28-April 1:  Don't miss your last chance ever to make it to Artfest (Port Townsend, WA)! If attending Artfest has ever been on your to do list...then this has got to be your year. Teesha Moore, Artfest organizer extraordinaire has announced that will be the last year for Artfest. So don't delay!

June 1-3:  Small Studios (Avon Lake, OH) Come for a workshop and visit Ginny Smallenburg's new retail store to be open soon!

June 29-July 1:  Valley Ridge Arts Studio (Madison, WI) has an amazing line-up of workshops this season (including a couple from yours truly) and Registration begins 9:00am CST on Saturday, January 14th...as I understand it, you really want to be online and registering early since classes fill up quickly!

July 30-August 7:  Art Unraveled (Phoenix, AZ) is having their 10 year anniversary and offering a 10% discount on your classes as long as you sign up before March 15th! Registration opens January 17th!

September 19-23:  Art is...You (Petaluma, CA) Registration will be going online soon!

October 4-9:  Art is...You (Stamford, CT) Registration will be going online soon!