According to the Urban Dictionary, the first sign that you are a tourist all comes down to two little words...or at least how you pronounce them. If you say that you are in N'awlins you may as well have just put a big 'ol tourist sticker on your back. Locals actually pronounce the city name as New Awlins. People from other cities hear N'awlins because of the way locals drag out and connect their words. Most locals actually hate hearing people say N'awlins or New Or-Leans. So now that you know how to pronounce it properly, why not check it out for yourself....with me. Well, with Michael de Meng actually (but hey, I'm gonna be there too....)

My darling fiance in conjunction with the fabulous Katherine Engen of Valley Ridge Art Studios are putting on one heck of a party, er, I mean workshop at the end of January and we'd love to see you there!