I See a Tarot Deck in Your Future...

Well, my future anyway. My tarot deck is already under way. By now you already know that I've always been drawn to art that is rich with symbolism, where you could literally stare at an image for great lengths of time trying to decipher all of the hidden meanings. Each card is like a little puzzle, some decks use triangles and curves to indicate whether the influences are from past or future, other rely greatly on the readers understanding of various mythologies to get their messages across and some are purely whimsical, cool art without much regard to the symbolism.

My first introduction to tarot cards was the Aquarian deck by Palladini my mother brought home one day. Wrapped in a silk scarf, and with a stack of tarot books for reference, she began daily readings....who wouldn't be intrigued?

David Palladini's Aquariam Tarot, still one of my absolute favourite decks
So now having studied several different decks for years, I've begun tackling my own. Each card starts out with my original artwork, then scanned, or photographed, some photoshop magic and voila! A tarot card is born. There are 78 cards in total....I'll keep you posted on the progress and hope you enjoy the process as much as I am.