Working Backwards

I don't know what happened to March. Really I just don't. One minute it was March 1st, then the next thing I know it's practically the middle of did that happen? Anyway, as it appears that I'm in some type of time warp, I figure that I'm just gonna go with it and post events backwards....I promise that eventually I'll tell you all about ArtFest - amazing artists Richard Salley, Jesse Reno and Keith Lo Bue....and then go back in time a little further to the phenomenal Michael deMeng Vancouver workshop at the Upstart Crow, but for now...I've been working on something new. A new collage series that unites my love of different mediums and techniques and fuses them together to create these:

Le Couer Gardé (the guarded heart)
12" x 24" Cradled Wood Panel 

Tons of layers and textures in this piece and yes her heart is covered in shattered mica pieces and guarded with wires and nails.

The Journey of a Man
12" x 24" Cradled Wood Panel