Smackdown Day Two!

For day two of the challenge, Angi sent us this scan of her original collage. I knew in an instant what her transformation would look like:

So this is what I came up with...

I've been fascinated with the gorgeous designs featured on Tarot cards for a very long time. I just love the way every single element on the cards have a purpose, no single element is ever there by chance. With skillfull intrepretation the "reader" can divine the cards meaning and significance. So when I saw Angi's original collage, the nest, flowers, and bunnies immediately made me think of the Empress. Surrounded by the bounty of the earth and symbols of fertility, the Empress represents Matriarchal authority, the birth of new ideas, and creativity. I  placed three eggs in the nest to represent her maternal nature and also the new ideas that she is nurturing (three specifically, because the Empress is the third card of the Major Arcana in the deck). The crossed arms are added embracing the nest in a gentle, yet protective fashion. A crown, a halo, a few more layers and adjustments and ta da....The Empress.