Andrea Matus deMeng -Mental-dimensional-view.jpg

“Everything we care about lies somewhere in the middle, where pattern and randomness interlace” –James Gleick

In this project based workshop we are going to take control of chaos, magically weaving together fragments of photos, symbols, and words to create a mosaic of mixed media blocks.  Each small rectangle an artistic story of its own…an individual tidbit of information, but where this journey becomes interesting is when the small pieces are puzzled together.  Students will bring together a variety of images and ideas from a variety of sources and harmonize them.  The chaos…suddenly meaningful.  Randomness…suddenly full of purpose.

Some of the specific skills we’ll be tackling in this workshop include:

-paint techniques, choosing colors, mixing colors, and combining paint with collage and objects.
-collage techniques
-combining elements from discordant sources and creating a unified composition
-related several small collages into a larger cohesive narrative

Andrea Matus deMeng -Mental-Blocks.jpg