Yes, I know that the singer Cher has a song with that same exact title, and no, it’s not that I’m a huge Cher fan (although I do like that particular song), but hearing the song recently reminded me of a quote that I came across years ago that always makes me smile: “Well behaved women seldom make history…” now while I’m not completely sold on the validity of that statement I can’t say it’s completely without merit. Though those terms are often associated with seemingly seedy and sorted lifestyles, in truth, perhaps, there’s much to learn from these rule-breaking archetypes.

So using that quote as our inspiration, we are going to create our own personas: an “interesting” historical or fictitious character, and explore the ways we can depict the more “colorful” aspects of her or his personality. We’ll bring our characters to life our way through the use of paint, collage, sculpture, and found objects. We’ll explore ways of layering imagery, texture, and objects to weave a sumptuous tale that just might make the history books.

Some of the specific skills we’ll tackle in this workshop:
-collage tips for wood surfaces
-paint techniques with an emphasis on Bohemian inspired color combinations
-appropriating and recontextualizing collage elements to create a new visual narrative
-how and where to apply textural elements
-layering mixed-media into a cohesive composition